REALITY BITES! ….. Innocent Exposure Explained.Image

Is it surprising that the #1 use for the Internet is porn?
Everyone knows sex sells, right/wrong, legal/criminal,
it is what it is!

What goes on behind closed doors may intrigue or disturb
some, while others may simply look the other way.

For me it is not a question of my opinion, or religious or
moral views, but how to be solution orientated, educated
and engage in what is healthy natural and feels good!

Breaking down old views…
The vicious cycle of self interests,  poverty and
desperation that only creates MORE of the same!
Our very existence, life roles, and decisions are greatly
affected by the World we live in.

She works hard for her money…
Growing up as a young girl residing in the USA, living in
the 21 century where sexuality, self esteem, beauty, and sex
appeal are closely intertwined, it has
made it difficult to gain a healthy perspective on sexuality.

With the shared basic humane need to survive, and from a
mother’s perspective…SHARE TRUTH.
I imagine life where our BODY is BEAUTY
and our VALUE far supersedes money!
Relationships are genuine and positive.

FEEDBACK is welcome and appreciated!

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