A basic need to DRESS, but worn as an expression, considered fortunate to own sought after designer’s labels, custom tailored wardrobe, and one-of-a-kind designs.Born feeling some how incomplete, overcame by the significance of the phenomenon, and necessity to cover up nudity, shame, evidence seen now and throughout history! …EVOLVING an witness to a CULTURE BASED on appearances, it is apparent fashion a reflection of the society that creates it.

FASHION TRENDS 2DIE4 an it’s superficial rituals….fades away…CLEAR PERSPECTIVE



Why Eco-fabrics 

Conventional fabric manufacturing is one of the most toxic processes in the world.

Traditional crops like cotton dump millions of tons of pesticides into the environment worldwide each year, while sucking up our precious water supply.

Why are pesticides, dyes, and chemicals so terrible? Well, anything designed to kill indiscriminately can’t be good, but did you know that many of these chemicals are also epigenetic?

That means that the changes they make to us at a genetic level in our generation become heritable to our children, grand-children, great-grand-children…

Does this suddenly make you want environmentally friendly fabrics?

JOIN US on a sustainable path OUR ONLY CHOICE LEFT!



 thinkHEMP goORGANIC mission: SAVE the World

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