She WORKS HARD for HER money!


 So HARD for it honey!


LET’S TALK bout SEX …talkin gender Baby

ALL the differences between men & women and where that can lead.


Come on LOOK at

 Foucault’s theory of discourse, practices include certain assumptions that are taken for granted about women, men, business, work, and family. One of these assumptions:


 “men and women must be different.”


Despite research results to the contrary, many texts insist that the genders are different with arguments in support of this. For the purpose of discussion it means that their results and conclusions cannot be transferred to other contexts uncritically.


Celebrating the mighty WILL of a woman, known as companion, mother giver of LIFE, and we all ‘assume to know’ Hell have no fury like a woman scorned; but like no other feeling the loving healing touch, gentle caress or comforting embrace of a woman.


Women’s experiences in entrepreneurship may focuses on identifying similarities and differences between female and male business owners, providing explanations for these identified  differences. While such an approach is useful assumed entrepreneurship is to be for only men. Assumption of women’s secondary position in society.


COME ON LETS TALK BOUT IT…. “assuming” the differences in perceptions

on these issues for women and men.


Personal experience MisTriss has seen it all in a so called professional setting, I have experienced stolen commission checks, harassment, sexism, unprofessional rude business practices, and have dealt with many who simply lacks personal relationship skills. A company without guided priorities and whole systems and sustainable thinking is exactly what we still find in the market today sadly.


Brains and Beauty is a BAD Bytch combo, making it easier to undermine the mind due to a narrow lens of gender stereotyped perspective.  Jealousy and Envy talk caddy bout me, make sure to stand in the way preventing opportunity. Work release..puttin my notice to leave…consider this resignation, FIRED UP, born out of the PASSION the birth of TYLAJADE in 2008


Ladies ALL the Ladies  Everybody…NOW History: of equal opportunities for women:

YOU NOW have the RIGHTS to be taxed, go to war, and work like men.

Women’s Liberation Movement funded by the Rockefellers in the 1960’s, as a result women in business, working accept the fact that they have to work long hours in order to be able to fulfill both their domestic and work roles. Since the 19th century family values & moral has been on the declined as a result of industrialization and urbanization. Today still living in an oppressive environment, with inadequate accommodations for know “assumed” differences.

Welcome to a place where sexual harassment, assault, academe, age, salary, rank, race, discriminate.

From their horses on high they sit and say GOTTA WORK WORK ….

Meanwhile overall employment rates are at an all time low. 


Solution: Demand control over social climate. Creating a NEW Work Class. Educate empowering others to follow their

DREAMS turning PASSION into a career. Innovative Image

entrepreneurs, by contrast, are committed ‘Domestic’ businesswomen who put

Faith & Family FIRST


Freedom to SHARE the LOVE <3))))


Chase what really MATTERS!

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