Happy New Years MOTHERHOOD

NEWYEARMH.jpgLifestyle tip: Take time for the first of the year,  much-needed celebration of slowing down and reflecting back.

In these time in the western world social media-obsessed age, inundated by information, before we have time to mentally digest one story, we’re already onto the next…
NOW let’s have a MUCH needed dialog, ongoing conversations with an open-minded approach about differences in race globally, cultural trends, and what do we identify with in 2015 AND ONGOING…3….2…..1

REALITY BITES, from one Motherhood  to another Mother’s Hood! The view outside my window witness to what is held in high regards entertainment, food, liquor, the cool self-interest, latest trinkets in things at the expense of human exploitation. Forecast dressed to impress with a whole lotta TRASH to distract!?  Race globally  I see the exclusive RICH ELITE & RACE of POOR EVERYBODY ELSE, TRENDS violence is on the RISE due to the desperate conditions for so many. YOU are the CHANGE YOU WANT in the WORLD.

Reflect back on in 2015 ONGOING personally identify with:




In the heart of every woman is a MOTHER, and through her the race of man survives in progressive unfoldment of beauty and love. I am not speaking of childbirth or pregnancy but rather women who are conscious. You will know her and she cares little for your theories, logic, or politics she has to intuitively feel your spirit. Compassion and PEACE are her allies as she moves into justice and freedom universally.  May she give birth to a mighty movement to inspire heroic acts and conceive sustainable advancements for all of humanity. She has great wisdom and teaches the knowledge of the Ancestors. Truly every woman must protectively guard the  sacred responsibility of MOTHERHOOD given to them. The Chalice entrusted to woman to create  a shift in consciousness to restore conditions to be able to protect LIFE. Motherhood is that bridge from the subjective and objective worlds. The world out there relative to the world within. A woman must recognize the greatness in herself first in order to bring it out in the world. Motherhood is a spiritual as well as psychological function where virtues grow and great works are accomplished! MOTHER’S, gentle touch holds firmly our destiny in her hands, her strength ensures right conditions to prevail to support the family of nations solidarity we vow to value, protect and uphold the right to LIFE.

Happy New Year 2016 resolve to honor Motherhood.


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