TEATIME Chat with MisTriss


Welcome to my TEA PARTY!

Happy to SHARE our vision TYLAJADE LLC is PROUD to conduct our “non-business” responsibly. We offer complimentary advertising products and services JADE PHOTOGRAPHY, MEDIA, DESIGN and our in-house CLUB JADE promotions TYLAJADE CREW and DJ TWI$TED. JADE Magazine is conducive to a positive lifestyle, targeted towards active socially conscious clients. Website features the distinguished professionals who share our common values and goals.

Our Mission:

Solution orientated, we formed our company and DAISY ORG nonprofit to raise awareness & to contribute. We PLEDGE: to PASS ALONG information and resources, how-to “non-business” formation, self improvement, a healthy sustainable, balanced lifestyle, excellence, positive action, and all-around betterment of oneself.

THE GOOD LIFE PROJECT: OUTREACH EMPOWERMENT ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS offers: tips on skin care, wellness, beauty, echo fashion, health food, entertainment, travel, and more.

We SUPPORT:  local talent, nightclubs, restaurants,

small business owners and charities, our aim to

make a positive contribution globally.

The Unique Benefits of TYLA JADE

Striking recognition and great relationships

with Distinguished Businesses.

*  FREE Business LINKS

*  FREE Memberships

* FREE JADE Magazine online digital format is eco-friendly

Positive Action Program, Including: TEAM DAISY

Association with Our Charitable Donations via

The Daisy Organization for Alzheimer’s

Expanding Brand Exposure–Print, Broadcast, and Internet

Targeted Advertising– Consumers, College Community,

Business and Community Leaders.

Added Exposure sponsor logos will be featured in our media via

multiple social sites: facebook, youtube, twitter. Instagram, ect.

A proud co-founder of The Daisy Organization for Alzheimer’s  non profit.

MISSION is to raise awareness by connecting through community events, outreach programs, media productions, and online.

Become a FAN on our social sites youtube, facebook, twitterBLOG or WRITE ABOUT US tell us about it! Please REFER US to ALL YOUR FRIENDS and FAMILY


TYLA JADE is driven with creative insight, a mixture of innovative services, a passionate team with a vision, and a firm belief that TOGETHER WE SHOULD SHARE the LOVE!

Trista Rodriguez, CEO of TYLAJADE LLC Trista Rodriguez AKA MisTriss took courses at Oakland University, Michigan and Fashion & Retail Marketing classes at AI in Phoenix AZ, and furthered her training at Ageless Wisdom University in 2006 studied under Dr. Ribhi M. Kalla. Healing Independent Consultant MisTriss is the creative mind behind FREE tylajade  SHOP- SELL- EXCHANGE on tylajade.com JADE Magazine.

Trista is an aspiring award-winning website designer with 15-plus years of sales, marketing, photography experience, specializing in online technical expertise; implementation for small businesses and non-profits execute online marketing strategies for real world needs .

While currently exploring natural ways to healing as she is faced with cancer Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Passionately she shares important information online via her

Word Press BLOG and TEATIME Chats

She is a visionary and inspirational leader who offers products and services for a HEALTHY ACTIVE lifestyle. Her ACTIVISM efforts include equality, human rights, health and wellness. She speaks on personalized skin care, and living a desirable lifestyle.

A CALL for COMPASSION,  utilizing the generosity of the human spirit, and donated resources, We achieve our non-profit’s goals towards ongoing executive recruiting and redevelopment outcomes. Goals spans outside our current financial and social sector, with a variety of ongoing efforts…helping to establish and recognize a NEW INDEPENDENT WORKING CLASS, FREEtylajade with accountability for how “business’s” are ran. The “non-business” formation of TYLAJADE LLC currently we are NOT focused on MONEY collecting, but on fulfilling individual whole body wellness needs!
All proceeds help benefit families in need.

First things first, FAMILY MATTERS we are committed!

Support farming

local community gardens

feeding the hungry

hand to hand exchange

If doing “Business” means it is asking for money 99% of the time than doing “non-Business” is sharing the LOVE 99% of the time!- CEO MisTriss

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© 2009 – Present TYLA JADE LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Owned and operated by TYLA JADE LLC.

Serving Metro Phoenix AZ, Detroit MI, Denver CO, Chicago IL, Southern CA and beyond!

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