Project: Creating sustainability through PermaCulture design. We are now offering our “free harvest” this consists of seed exchange, and a variety of plants/trees grown from seeds collected, and planted in reused recycling items such as paper, metal, and plastic for everyone to enjoy and conveniently pick up roadside.

Additionally we are organizing a local “co-op” (owned by none shared by all) offering reasonably priced “memberships” with the purpose and shared value of: supporting food security with local farms/producers/participants collectively offering to pool their produce/goods (crops/livestock/other) for members to receive a package of these items either monthly or bi monthly bringing community together with access to fresh locally grown food.

Submitted By: Tyla Jade Date: 06/1/2021

Organization: Small Thyme

  1. Describe the problem, condition or observation that inspired this proposal. Food insecurities, lack of community connection to where their local food is grown, and growing concern for Earth friendly solutions.
  1. Provide an overview of the Initiative you are proposing sustainable practices by sharing produce/goods with the community through this co-operative to enrich our lives.
  1. Who benefits from this initiative and how? Earth, Farmers, Gardeners, Members within the Local Community; lessens our carbon print. Members Benefits; receiving a fresh package either monthly or bi- monthly from participants (farmers/producers) of pooled resources divided equally and exclusively for members.
  1. When should this initiative be attempted? Now, led by organizing grass roots movement within local communities when minimum participates are acquired to make it beneficial for all.
  2. How much do you think this initiative will cost? We do not have a current budget for this proposal, and Small Thyme sponsorship will provide all advertising (costs from local papers.) There is no overhead or additional costs to the participants or members. The pooled items from participants is to be dropped off by (9AM 1st or 15th of the month) Allowing for distributed and curbside pick up by appointments starting (10am-6pm on the 1st or 15th of the month)
  1. How should this initiative be funded? Donations by Members and pooled resources by Participants. Members Pricing: 50 Members @ $50 monthly or $100 bi/monthly donations Incentive Total: $2,500-$4,500 / (divided) by 10 Farmers/Producers “Participants” Approximate Incentive Totals for Participants Monthly: $250-$450 Annually: $30,000-54,000
  1. What other groups might be impacted by this initiative? Goal is to creates a fair market of reasonable priced local fresh goods among competitor food chains.
  1. What strategy do you propose to complete this initiative? Advertising and marketing via local newspapers, businesses, online advertising, door to door and curbside free harvest of seasonal sprouts, word of mouth, social media and referrals to reach minimum requirements by 2021-2022 growing season.
  1. What is required to Start this initiative: Minimum participation of 10 Farmers/Produces “Participants” and 50 “Members.”

After reading and consideration for this initiative would you like to be among the Participants? or Member? How would you participate please list your goods, costs and quantities to be pooled.

Do you know someone who would like to join us? Please let us know the name and contact information of anyone who may be interested.

Reviewed by:

Name: TR -Small Thyme

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