ABOUT MisTriss aka Trista Rodriguez Founder of TYLAJADE LLC and is the creative mind behind JADE MAGAZINE BLOG & DESIGNER of  http://www.tylajade.com

Trista is currently exploring natural ways to healing as she is faced with cancer Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Passionately she shares important information online via her Facebook BLOG MisTriss and Member’s only site. She is an aspiring award-winning website designer specializing in online marketing strategy and implementation for small businesses and nonprofits. Trista is the co-founder of the DAISY ORG for Alzheimer’s.With 15-plus years of sales, marketing, photography experience, and technical expertise to execute online marketing strategies for real World needs.

Trista is a visionary and inspirational leader who empowers others by offers products and services for a HEALTHY ACTIVE lifestyle. Her ACTIVISM efforts include equality, human rights, health and wellness workshops, organizing events and retreats. All proceeds help benefit families in need. She is a speaker on living a desirable JADE Lifestyle.

Utilizing the generosity of the human spirit, and donated resources, WE achieve our non-profit’s goals towards ongoing executive recruiting and redevelopment outcomes. Goals spans outside our current financial and social sector, with a variety of ongoing efforts… #SHAREtheLOVE  #FREETYLAJADE


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